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Lapine Fitness Story

Paul opened LFS in October of 2020, it was that really weird time when people had to eat outside and gyms were closed. Paul needed a safe space to train his clients (the park workouts aren’t cutting it anymore) and being newly sober, needed something to focus his energy on. He opened a 192 square foot space to do just that and balance out his full time teaching gig.

Over the next year he found that the Brooklynites were seeking out a different way of training…

One that worked for their body types, their injury history their training experience and most importantly what types of training they actually enjoyed doing. In August of 2021 we expanded and became committed to providing an alternative to a traditional gym setting for the Brooklyn community with a customized program built to suit every members that walks through our doors.

In January 2023 with the success that LFS had been experiencing, Paul decided to leave his full time job teaching elementary school (he misses the kiddos dearly) and commit to making LFS the best personal training experience in Brooklyn.

LFS is Committed to serving the Brooklyn community, teaching them how to take care of their health and building a relationship with fitness that will last a lifetime.

meet the team

Paul Lapine - Owner/operator ACE, RKC, SFL, DSPCC, FRC

Sports and fitness have always been a big part of Paul’s life and helped him with his mental health. As an adolescent Paul competed in amateur boxing and into adulthood he ultra marathon running and powerlifting.

Paul has been training folks for close to a decade. As a coach he strongly believes in meeting people where they are at and doesn’t believe fitness can be a one size fits all approach. The people he serves have different goals, injuries, life stress, body types etc. Paul learns as much as he can about the people he has the privilege to train, builds a relationship with them and find a style of fitness that fits their life.

Emilio - Director Of Programming & Coach, RKC II CFSC I NASM PT KBCU Foundations DSPCC I

Emilio is a Strength & Conditioning coach with a strong knowledge of how to use a large variety of tools in the gym. From conditioning machines to the most unconventional of strength training equipment, it’s likely he knows how to use it! With a background in education & technology, he’s also developed a strong knowledge of how to teach complex topics in an approachable & easy to understand manner. He cares most about those he works with learning how to move safely & it is his mission to always make fitness fun while progressing clients towards their goals. 

Breeanna Verna - Registered Dietitian MS, RD, LMT, CPT

Throughout her career, Breeanna has accrued extensive experience working in hospital and outpatient settings in various medical specialties such as endocrinology, obstetrics, gastroenterology, and disordered eating. This multifaceted experience has given her the tools needed to provide clients with comprehensive support that addresses both physical and mental health needs.

Breeanna is dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals, and has a track record of success in supporting patients in a range of health goals, from lowering cholesterol to managing IBS, decreasing their A1C, and finding peace with their body.  Breeanna is a compassionate and skilled professional who is committed to working collaboratively with her clients to help them create a healthier, happier life


Nathaniel is a well versed trainer with experience training many demographics from prenatal, to grandparents, to marathon athletes. With a history in many sports, he has a deep understanding of how the body works. He has experience working with kids which helped develop his teaching skills and excellent patience. You can count on him to be calm, cool, and collected.

Joslin Vezeau - Coach, FMS II, RKC, DSPCC

Joslin is from St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated magna cum laude from the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program in dance performance in 2018. She has danced professionally with Peridance Contemporary Dance Company and is currently an apprentice with Mark Morris Dance Group. Joslin connects on a personal level with everyone she trains and makes them feel comfortable, especially when they may be a little intimidated by the gym. She also has a super sharp eye for form and technique.

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