Personal training at LFS

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Paul Lapine is the owner and operator of LFS a safe, clean & private personal training studio designed to make fitness available to everyone in Brooklyn, NY. At LFS we pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming. You won’t find any shirtless dudes doing bicep curls here, we promise. We believe training should be challenging, walking into a gym or approaching a trainer should not be.

LFS is currently accepting personal training clients. Paul has assembled a team of talented personal trainers that call LFS home. through a careful review of each client’s intake form he matches up trainers and clients based on personality, availability, and specialty to ensure that you are being matched up with the RIGHT trainer.

Through a patient and service-oriented approach, trainers at LFS create a workout routine specific to your needs and goals to help you start living a healthier lifestyle. Every aspect of your training session is considered to be sure that we are moving you closer to your goals in an efficient manner.

Email with any questions and click here for us to learn more about your training goals.