Paul is one of the best trainers in the city and he’s created an awesome space to work out safely. Paul took me from out-of-shape former athlete to the best shape of my life. He coached me to my first two competitive boxing fights and was there in my corner. Now that I’m a bit less focused on athletic goals, he keeps me and my girlfriend in great shape with a fun, interesting, and fluid mix of virtual and physical training. Even when it’s just once a week over Zoom, he knows how to tailor training to where we’re at and keep us motivated. Start training with Paul today.


“I am feeling like a new man these days, it’s because of my boxing trainer Paul Lapine. Over the last month or so, he has introduced me to the basics of the sport, bolstered them with yoga, and kicked my butt with high-intensity workouts. Now I can do things with my body I didn’t think were possible and I feel incredible every day.”


“I’ve been training with Paul for over a year now and it has been a really great experience.  He is sincerely friendly and positive, and the workouts have been transformational.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop boxing skills or generally looking to get in shape.”


“One of the deciding factors that drew me towards working with Paul is that he’s a boxer who learned to be a pro trainer and not the other way around. The things he teaches he learned in the ring and not in a book. Since beginning our sessions I have learned that I can go much further than I thought I could.  Boxing will take you to a place where you feel like you can’t breathe or even hold your hands up any longer.  Paul has shown me how to keep going and it’s a very rewarding experience. I’ve met some of his other clients and they do not follow anyone type.  Men, women, children of all different body types, experience levels, and goals seem to be welcome.  Besides being a good patient teacher, Paul’s is also a very nice sensitive person who will make training a pleasant experience that you look forward to.”


Had a really good training session with Paul! It was my first time going to a workout in awhile due to COVID so I was a bit nervous if I could keep up but Paul was super patient and helpful with tailoring the workout to be just right. He’s a wonderfully nice, professional person and I would highly recommend his services!


“I had never worked with a personal trainer before, boxing and working out were things that I was unfamiliar with and not entirely comfortable with. It was an entirely new skill set to learn and with that came the fear of just being bad at it, and the fear of embarrassing myself. I was coming into this while getting over a nervous breakdown and mental health crisis; I was really uncertain of myself and in a particularly vulnerable place. One thing Paul has never done is judge me. He has given me the tools to improve, taught me the correct technique, and encouraged me to push further. But never once have I felt like I was failing or hopeless. By carefully taking into account my needs and limitations, you have been able to devise a training plan that challenges me but does not hinder or discourage me. You keep a chill attitude in sessions, which makes them feel less pressured and high-stakes and more conducive to learning and growing.”


Paul Lapine is a terrific trainer, I have worked with him for several months. He is motivating, knowledgeable, and nice. I recommend him highly.


My 9 year old son first met Paul as his preschool summer camp teacher. During that period of time, I immediately noticed his wonderful rapport with the children, their families, and his co-workers. Paul’s students’ faces would brighten the moment that he entered the classroom as he consistently went above and beyond in regards to making them feel valued through the inviting provocations that he created for them.

He has a talent for coming up with novel ways to motivate, yet challenging, the children as well as maintain their focus and attention. This ability to tailor his activities to meet the diverse needs of each child in his care was especially notable for me as my son requires occupational therapy and has often experienced difficultly focusing in a classroom setting. Paul was instantly able to engage him through a variety of gross motor oriented activities which increased his enjoyment of school in a way that I had never experienced previously. Paul formed such a strong bond with my son at camp that we decided to continue working with him privately as a coach for the past 3 years. During that time he has helped to instill a love of physical play, enhance my son’s abilities to self-regulate & persist through challenges, as well as promote overall wellness/healthy habits. I strongly recommend his services to all!


Paul is incredibly knowledgeable in functional movement, we were able to train while working through some chronic neck tension. Great guy, definitely recommend!


While playing water polo in college, I picked up boxing as a way to stay fit during the summer prior to my fall season. Coming into the sport, I was certainly not conditioned to throw punches or do high-intensity workouts, like boxing requires. I never knew how much simple movements and yoga could make such a huge difference in my fitness and overall health until I started working with Paul a few years ago. Since working with him, my shoulders are pretty much healed (which were a huge problem for me, especially after playing water polo) and I’ve gotten a lot stronger and more confident in both pushing my body to do new challenges and also listening to it when it needs rest. Paul has been great in keeping workouts balanced and consistent, while also throwing in fun challenges to keep em interesting!


We’ve struggled for years to find a fun way for our 16 year old to get some exercise. Finally, Paul came along and now our daughter LOVES boxing! We go every Saturday and she always has a (sweaty) smile on her face by the end. Paul has great enthusiasm, is totally professional and really understands our kid. It’s been great all around.


I’ve been training with Paul for over 5 years now – always in a great mood and motivating. Workouts are varied and tailored to my goals, whether it’s preparing for an ultra-marathon, having fun boxing or getting a better posture. Feeling – and seeing – the difference this training makes is incredibly rewarding


My 9-year old son has been working with Paul for several years, and his 4-year old younger sister has recently joined in too (after begging to for years!) Paul is brilliant at working with kids, incorporating games, and storytelling throughout the sessions. He customizes the routines to the children’s strengths and weaknesses and communicates goals and progress. I would strongly recommend him for anyone who wants to help their kids build strength, stamina, agility, and body awareness!”


I love working out with Paul! He’s really dynamic and can build a workout that’s perfect for you and your fitness level. I started out doing a group workout class with friends, pre Covid, and that lead to a couple of two on one sessions with him and my best friend. Best excuse to workout and catch up, and done so in a way that left us able to still talk without being too out of breathe but still sweating by the end of it. Now I do weekly virtual workouts with him and my boyfriend and he really helps to hold us accountable and is great at pivoting if we don’t have the right equipment, are super stressed that day or even just adapting to both of our needs. Always encouraging and knows his stuff. Feel better every time I workout with him 10/10 highly recommend


Training with Paul over the past two years has been a great experience.  I was introduced to Paul via a friend who assured me that, even though I had chronic shoulder pain, he could help me reach my fitness goals.  My friend was absolutely right.  Paul is a down to earth, personable, and knowledgeable trainer who takes the time to work with you, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  In addition to helping me address my chronic shoulder pain, he has taught me lifelong health and fitness skills. 

Paul’s personal and professional background allows him come up with simple yet effective personalized plans that are easy to remember and do at home, even when you don’t own a lot of equipment.  He does not hesitate to share his knowledge with his clients, and always makes time to answer any and all health & fitness questions you may have.  My fitness journey has been far from perfect, but working with Paul has made me more confident in myself and my ability to get “back on track” whenever I feel I am straying.  I am so thankful for his coaching, advice, and support throughout the past two years.


Great experience. My kid loves it!! He asks all the time “is Paul coming today?”. My son has lost weight since starting with Paul. He is much more aware of how much he moves and how often he moves. He is also very interested in what he eats and is it healthy or not. If you’re on the fence about trying it out go for it!


Attended a great outdoor workout class led by Paul Lapine. He was super nice and friendly from the get go. The class itself was a mix of exercises, so never got boring, plus went by super fast. It was also easy to tailor to different skill levels. I was definitely sore the next day, a sign of a great workout 🙂 Highly recommend to anyone!